The Seaside Town


Brighton, England. A seaside town with stone beaches, a huge pier, and an assortment of shops to keep you busy. Before going on this trip I tried to do research on every city/town we were visiting so I knew exactly what to expect. But I guess no matter how many pictures you look at and how much you read about the town you never really know exactly what the town will be like. Out of all the towns we visited in England, Brighton was the biggest surprise.

Lets start with the shops. I knew that Brighton would have a lot of shopping but once you are there it is incredibly easy to get lost wandering around the different side streets. Anyone who is a big shopper could easily spend a full day going into all the shops the town has to offer. Now moving on to food….. one thing I loved about all the cities and towns we visited was all the different restaurant options. After living in a small town that has very limited food options going somewhere new and seeing so many different types of restaurants is always a shock.

Anyways, I loved that Brighton was so easy to walk around and explore. We didn’t have a list of places we had to see in Brighton so it was nice to just walk around the town and see what we would find around the next corner.


A Day in London


After spending nine days traveling around England, the only regret I have is not spending a longer time in London. One day is simply not long enough to see and do everything that the massive city has to offer. However, I am pretty proud of the amount of stuff we fit in in that one day. We started off the day in an Imperial War museum and from there we decided to hop on a bus to take us to the west end of London. We spent some of the day hunting for the best scones in London (The best we had was at the Waldorf Hotel!) and going into all the stores Covent Garden had to offer. We ended the day on a bus doing a final loop of the city so we could see everything we missed when walking.  While we were on the bus everyone was so excited because we were supposed to pass Buckingham Palace and just as we were about to approach it the bus driver turned the other way. Probably the biggest disappointment of the day because we were SO CLOSE!

So that was our twenty-four hours in London. I am not a city person but I loved London. I loved that so many people were walking around or riding bikes (SO many bikes) and that since the city was so huge there is always places to go and things to see. Now I am looking forward to going back some day because there is so much more I want to see and do.

Changes and Updates

Wow. How long has it been this time? three months? four? However long its been, I am back. Three years is how long I have had this blog. I have switched the blog name, subject, format, and a thousand other little things over that time and here I am again….. talking about making more changes. I really can not promise that this will be the last big change I make… I am super indecisive.

I am definitely the only one here that remembers all my different subject changes: from fashion and lifestyle to books and lifestyle to mainly books and travel. Every time I made a knew change I would love it for a month and then get bored of it the next. So I have decided to open my blog to anything. Anything and everything. How can I get bored with that? *fingers crossed I won’t*


Now moving on to the updates. I recently went to the beach for spring break and I wanted to share some of my pictures. It was pretty chilly so there was no swimming or tanning but it was a relaxing vacation before being dragged back to school.

So there was my (rather short) update. Hopefully there will be more posts to come this summer. Currently without a summer job, so I need something to keep me busy!

The Ultimate Travel Book


Travel Book: Amazon Travel Notebooks: (Similar) Anthropologie

I stumbled across this book awhile ago and wrote it down so that I could get it for christmas. By the time christmas rolled around I completely forgot about the book and since opening it I have become obsessed with looking at it. The pictures are beautiful and there are travel tips in the book which is such a nice touch! I have a big interest in traveling and this book includes places I have never even heard of but now want to add to my list of places I want to go. The book also came with a map with some of the places they mentioned labeled, which just made me love the book even more! It is also the perfect book to keep in your bedroom or living room so that you can flip through it from time to time.

I also included a traveling notebook that I got from anthropologie. They are so cute and inside you can write anything you want about the places you have been. I could not find it online anymore but there is a very similar one on the website with a floral print.

I like finding books or notebooks that will add little touches to my room. What kind of notebooks or books are you interested in? If you know any  websites that have pretty notebooks or journals tell me down below!

Traveling in 2017

Happy New Year! Sorry I am just now saying that, but I hope everyone had a great day. I have decided to make another travel post of places I want to go because I had so much fun making the last one. So here are the places I want to travel to in 2017 (does not actually mean I will)unknown-1

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

While the weather may not always be sunny I think the old buildings and the view of the Edinburgh castle will make up for it. I am such a sucker for old buildings and places rich with history. I love hearing about old myths or tales that come along with these places. Edinburgh seems like the perfect place to just wonder around and look at the sites. The fact that J.K. Rowling supposedly wrote Harry Potter here makes it ten times betterarboles_que_merecen_un_viaje_317219947_1200x800

2. Redwood National Park, California 

This might make me seem like the biggest nerd but walking through the forest with massive trees all around you sounds incredible. Some of these trees have been around for hundreds of years! What really makes me want to go to the national park is the fact that you can drive or walk through trees.unknown-2

3. Salzburg, Austria

While researching different countries I wanted to visit I found Austria. I have never really thought about visiting Austria until I saw such pretty pictures of the country. Particularly Salzburg stood out and that was when I realized… this is where the sound of music was filmed. So now how could I not go visit Salzburg!unknown

4. St Lucia

I usually love cold weather but looking at these sunny pictures from the Caribbean is suddenly making me wish I was on the beach. I think warm weather is calling my name…. unknown-3

5. Arosa, Switzerland

This looks like the cutest little ski town. I know what I said about wanting warm weather… but since I have not been skiing in forever (don’t even know if I still know how!) this is sounding pretty appealing too. Plus, just look at the view of those mountains, amazing!


Travel List 

I have always wanted to travel the world and in my mind I have created a list of places I want to go and see. I thought I would share some of these places with you guys and if you have places you want to travel comment the place down below.

1. Bora Bora

Ever since I first saw a picture of Bora Bora with the cute huts over the water I have been dying to go. Something about sleeping in the huts with the water below you scares me but also really excites me.

2. Lake Louise

This lake in Canada is in a national park. I love exploring nature and exploring the lake and the park would be so beautiful.

3. Oxford, England

I also want to go to Brighton, St. Ives, Bath, Cornwall…. basically all over England. I love the old architecture and the small towns. Now that I think about it I just want to go everywhere in the UK.

4. Cape Town

I really want to visit South Africa; just look at how beautiful this picture is!

5. Iceland

I want to go and see the geysers and the northern lights and the black sand beach… and just wander around the whole country.


Hello everyone! I am on vacation this week and this day we decided to walk to a local farmers market. It was so fun to walk around and look at flowers and pastries. As you see above I got some strawberry jam that I can not wait to try! I there were so many stands and they all had different items. I brought back a bunch of lemon squares and they are SO good. Leave a comment down below what your favorite pastry is.
                           Bye for now,

What I bring on Long Trips


Hello everyone! Whenever I go on long trips I always bring a bag in the car or plane that has supplies to keep me occupied. I am always worried that I am going to forget something at home and then be bored on the trip. One thing I always bring are my phone and charger. No matter where I am going I have it with me in case something happens. I also have to bring my headphones so that I can listen to music or watch a movie. There is a lot more but if you look at my post about what to do during long trips you can find more items you may want to bring on the trip. The items I bring always depend on the weather for me (if it’s cold I bring a jacket if it is hot I bring a hot or sunglasses etc…) The bag that I always bring is pictured above and you can find it right here.