Chocolate for the 4th


You might be looking at those pictures and thinking… those cupcakes do not look very patriotic, and they don’t. If I am being honest we had a box of chocolate cake mix and I decided I could use the Fourth of July as an excuse to make some cupcakes. Now believe me, I tried to look for red, white and blue sprinkles but couldn’t find them in the grocery store. So now I am left with chocolate cupcakes that don’t scream Fourth of July but I can get past that because they taste so good!

If you are looking for an easy dessert to make for the holiday buy box of cake mix (and icing if you don’t want to make it from scratch) and search for those red, white and blue sprinkles because I know they are out there somewhere!


The Seaside Town


Brighton, England. A seaside town with stone beaches, a huge pier, and an assortment of shops to keep you busy. Before going on this trip I tried to do research on every city/town we were visiting so I knew exactly what to expect. But I guess no matter how many pictures you look at and how much you read about the town you never really know exactly what the town will be like. Out of all the towns we visited in England, Brighton was the biggest surprise.

Lets start with the shops. I knew that Brighton would have a lot of shopping but once you are there it is incredibly easy to get lost wandering around the different side streets. Anyone who is a big shopper could easily spend a full day going into all the shops the town has to offer. Now moving on to food….. one thing I loved about all the cities and towns we visited was all the different restaurant options. After living in a small town that has very limited food options going somewhere new and seeing so many different types of restaurants is always a shock.

Anyways, I loved that Brighton was so easy to walk around and explore. We didn’t have a list of places we had to see in Brighton so it was nice to just walk around the town and see what we would find around the next corner.

A Day in London


After spending nine days traveling around England, the only regret I have is not spending a longer time in London. One day is simply not long enough to see and do everything that the massive city has to offer. However, I am pretty proud of the amount of stuff we fit in in that one day. We started off the day in an Imperial War museum and from there we decided to hop on a bus to take us to the west end of London. We spent some of the day hunting for the best scones in London (The best we had was at the Waldorf Hotel!) and going into all the stores Covent Garden had to offer. We ended the day on a bus doing a final loop of the city so we could see everything we missed when walking.  While we were on the bus everyone was so excited because we were supposed to pass Buckingham Palace and just as we were about to approach it the bus driver turned the other way. Probably the biggest disappointment of the day because we were SO CLOSE!

So that was our twenty-four hours in London. I am not a city person but I loved London. I loved that so many people were walking around or riding bikes (SO many bikes) and that since the city was so huge there is always places to go and things to see. Now I am looking forward to going back some day because there is so much more I want to see and do.

Books That Have Me Wishing Summer Was Here Already

img_2822img_2823img_2825I love the winter and cold weather but by February when mother nature is giving us glimpses of warm weather I suddenly find myself wishing for summer. With spring approaching pretty fast I decided to compile a list of books that I love to read whilst sitting on my deck enjoying the warm weather. Comment down below and tell me what summer books are your favorite!

Summer Sister by Judy Blume– When I read this book I honestly did not think I would like it so I was surprised when I found myself unable to put it down. Since reading it I have reread it every summer and it seriously puts me in the summery mood.

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson– This book makes me wish I could spend my whole summer following a list my friend gave me. I would never be bored, which sounds pretty exciting. The challenges are fun and weird and it is the perfect book to sit on the deck and read.

Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland– Why I decided to read this during the winter… I have no idea. A summer romance can’t not make you wish summer was here.

With Malice by Eileen Cook– A summer mystery will really make you wish you were back on the beach tanning and reading.

Wanderlost by Jen Malone– I know that I talk about this book all the time but it is one of my absolute favorites. A book about summer romance and traveling. How can you not love it?

I am sorry if this post made you really sad that summer is not here and you have to go to school tomorrow. It made me sad just writing it. I am not saying these books will make it better…they are not magic!! But maybe reading them will make you forget that it is actually five degrees out instead of ninety.




Summer Shoes

               You find these shoes here
                  You can find these here
       Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful Fourth of July! There should be a post about that soon. I went on vacation for the holiday and it was such a great time! Comment down below what you guys did for the holiday. 
       So usually during the summer all I like to wear are my rainbow sandals. I have had them for a couple of years and they have held up great! These are by far my favorite summer shoes and it is mostly because of how comfy they are. (But do not worry they are pretty cute looking too!) I thought that I would share it with you guys. I can wear these shoes with anything except for fancy occasions. If I want to go somewhere fancy I wear my Jack Rogers. These shoes are also really comfortable. (You can see how important comfort is to me!) 
         I hope this helped anyone who is looking for shoes to buy this summer. I am obsessed with both of these shoes and I hope you like them too. These shoes come in different styles so if you don’t like the ones shown above then check out their websites to look for different styles!

                                                                                                               Bye for now,

*All opinions are my own, I am not associated with either of these companies*