Snow Day, the best day


Hat: South Moon Under

I love snow days (but doesn’t everyone?) I believe that snow days are the best days ever and when they come around you have to revel in it because who knows when it will happen again. They are the only days when you do not feel bad about staying inside all day in your pajamas. These photos are from the only time I decided to venture out into the snow. It was still snowing when I went outside so I had to use an umbrella so the camera would not get wet!

We got our dog in April, and even though she is ten and has definitely seen the snow before, this was our first time seeing how she reacted to the snow. She is such a princess and refuses to go outside when it rains so I definitely thought she would hate the snow, but she LOVED it. She was having so much fun running around and it was so fun to watch her.

So while I am here I decided to give you guys a list of things that I have to have before bracing the frigid temperatures and walking in the snow:

Chapstick– my lips are always and they are even worse in the winer. You can never go wring with bringing chapstick incase they get really cracked.

Hats– No one wants to be walking outside and suddenly cannot feel their ears. Grab a hat because if you don’t  you will one hundred percent regret it later.

Scarf– Only thing worse than your ears being cold is your neck. Just do not put yourself through that get yourself a scarf, gloves…. etc

Sunglasses– This sounds random but after a snowstorm and it is sunny again and there is still lots of snow you walk outside and squint. So wear those sunglasses so you do not accidentally slip on ice you could not see. I do not suggest wearing these playing in the snow though. Maybe if you are just going on a stroll?

What do you need during a snowstorm and want do you do?





Summer Shoes

               You find these shoes here
                  You can find these here
       Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful Fourth of July! There should be a post about that soon. I went on vacation for the holiday and it was such a great time! Comment down below what you guys did for the holiday. 
       So usually during the summer all I like to wear are my rainbow sandals. I have had them for a couple of years and they have held up great! These are by far my favorite summer shoes and it is mostly because of how comfy they are. (But do not worry they are pretty cute looking too!) I thought that I would share it with you guys. I can wear these shoes with anything except for fancy occasions. If I want to go somewhere fancy I wear my Jack Rogers. These shoes are also really comfortable. (You can see how important comfort is to me!) 
         I hope this helped anyone who is looking for shoes to buy this summer. I am obsessed with both of these shoes and I hope you like them too. These shoes come in different styles so if you don’t like the ones shown above then check out their websites to look for different styles!

                                                                                                               Bye for now,

*All opinions are my own, I am not associated with either of these companies*