Something I’m Loving- Bare Minerals


Lipgloss: Bare Minerals (similar) Powder Foundation: Bare Minerals

Taking a break from books and traveling and whatever else I have been talking about on here…. here is a makeup review! I am not the makeup expert but I know something works when after I am done using it you can no longer see the acne or redness that is on my face.

I do not live near a Sephora or any other beauty store (unless you count Walgreens!) which sucks so I buy most of my makeup at the drugstore. I never cared before, but recently I decided some drugstore makeup was no longer cutting it so I had to look for something new. That was when I decided to look into what stores I did have around me….. and thats when I found a Bare Minerals. After trying multiple different kinds of foundation I realized that I hated putting liquid foundation on my face and I discovered powder foundation. People might think it doesn’t stay on long, and maybe that is true (I don’t know, I’m not the expert!!!!) but I love it because it feels like I am not wearing makeup at all.

So if you hate liquid foundation like me I suggest you try a powder foundation because it is amazing! And as you see above I decided to add my favorite lipgloss by Bare Minerals too. Trying darker lip colors and this one actually looks good on me! And the gloss is initially light ad you layer if you want it darker. Personally I like this because I still am not ready for super dark colors.

So what kind of makeup do you use? what is your favorite brands? Give me suggestions so I can check them out!


Bioré Scrub

For years I have been trying all kinds of face washes, creams, strips, basically anything I found in the drugstore to help my face look better. It is not only the acne that is the problem but I also have really red cheeks. I remember people wondering if I was wearing blush but I wasn’t, my cheeks were just red! When you put red cheeks and acne together it does not look the best. So during one of my drugstore visits I found the Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub. I was a little iffy if it would work but my face is actually looking so much better and a lot less red. I only use it every other day so it doesn’t dry out my face. Honestly, I wonder if just mixing baking soda you buy at the grocery store and water would work and be cheaper, but the baking soda scrub is working great so why change it?

Healthy Hair

Hello everyone! So I know that usually when summer starts people try to not use a lot of heat on your hair so it will get healthy. Well there are also things that you can do to keep you hair healthy during the school year.

know that I never sleep with my hair in a ponytail. If you do it not only leaves a dent in your hair but it damages the hair that was held by the ponytail.
 When I am brushing the knots out of my hair I always start from the ends of my hair and then work my why to the roots. When you start at the roots it damages the ends of your hair.
One thing you should know is that you do not have to use heat on your hair everyday. You curl or straiten your hair one day and leave it like that for the next day. So basically you don’t wash you hair that night but instead you can use dry shampoo. This really helps your hair because you are not using heat on it everyday and also washing your hair everyday dries it out so by going two days will help your hair.
I hope this helps everyone and shows you that you can still keep your hair healthy during the school year. Leave a comment down below if you know any other tricks to help your hair! I should be having back to school posts up very soon so watch out for that!
                                                                        Bye for now,