The Seaside Town


Brighton, England. A seaside town with stone beaches, a huge pier, and an assortment of shops to keep you busy. Before going on this trip I tried to do research on every city/town we were visiting so I knew exactly what to expect. But I guess no matter how many pictures you look at and how much you read about the town you never really know exactly what the town will be like. Out of all the towns we visited in England, Brighton was the biggest surprise.

Lets start with the shops. I knew that Brighton would have a lot of shopping but once you are there it is incredibly easy to get lost wandering around the different side streets. Anyone who is a big shopper could easily spend a full day going into all the shops the town has to offer. Now moving on to food….. one thing I loved about all the cities and towns we visited was all the different restaurant options. After living in a small town that has very limited food options going somewhere new and seeing so many different types of restaurants is always a shock.

Anyways, I loved that Brighton was so easy to walk around and explore. We didn’t have a list of places we had to see in Brighton so it was nice to just walk around the town and see what we would find around the next corner.


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