Changes and Updates

Wow. How long has it been this time? three months? four? However long its been, I am back. Three years is how long I have had this blog. I have switched the blog name, subject, format, and a thousand other little things over that time and here I am again….. talking about making more changes. I really can not promise that this will be the last big change I make… I am super indecisive.

I am definitely the only one here that remembers all my different subject changes: from fashion and lifestyle to books and lifestyle to mainly books and travel. Every time I made a knew change I would love it for a month and then get bored of it the next. So I have decided to open my blog to anything. Anything and everything. How can I get bored with that? *fingers crossed I won’t*


Now moving on to the updates. I recently went to the beach for spring break and I wanted to share some of my pictures. It was pretty chilly so there was no swimming or tanning but it was a relaxing vacation before being dragged back to school.

So there was my (rather short) update. Hopefully there will be more posts to come this summer. Currently without a summer job, so I need something to keep me busy!


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