Just as Good as the First- Mischief and Magnolias Review


Author: Kristi Cook

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance

Rate: 4 stars

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When Ryder Marsden and Jemma Cafferty return to Magnolia Branch for Christmas break following their first semester at their respective universities in New York City (Columbia and NYU), their secret relationship is revealed—they’re literally caught under the mistletoe, kissing. Unexpectedly, their parents—who’ve spent their entire lives pushing them together—are somehow less than thrilled, especially when they realize the depth of their deception.

Tensions mount as the Marsden and Cafferty families struggle to come to terms with Jemma’s and Ryder’s feelings for each other, especially as they prepare to send them back to New York City together. At the same time, Jemma and Ryder must face their own problems that have arisen as a result of attending different schools—there are jealousies to be sorted out and hurt feelings to mend if their relationship is going to stand the test of time.

Will their love last, or are they star-crossed lovers, after all?

HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BOOK and it is finally here and I read it and I loved it. I read Magnolia for the first time last year and read it again a couple of months ago. I love cute southern stories and this one is one of my all time favorites. The only thing that bummed me out was that it was a novella so it was shorter and I wish it came out during Christmas because that is the time of year the book is set in. However I think I can look past those small details because I am just happy it came out at all.

This book starts around a year after the first book ended and in that year Jemma and Ryder still kept their relationship a secret! I mean can you blame the parents for being upset?? One thing that I loved was that Jemma and Ryder still acted as if they had just gotten together which makes the book so cute! Oh… and getting glimpses into the other characters lives was so exciting because every time an old character was in the story I was thinking “I forgot about him!” or “I remember her!”

My biggest issue with this book was that Kristi Cook did not go into depth when problems arose. The problems resolved pretty quickly but I guess that is because the book was so short?

Anyways… I loved this story and I think it was an amazing ending to the Magnolia books. This book is purely a feel-good book and perfect if you are in the mood for a cute short read. I feel like because this book went by rather quickly there is not much to say about it other than it was amazing and you should go and read it so you can find out for yourself! Tell me down below what you thought of the book



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