Before I Fall Book Review

Was I only one not expecting it to be a movie but now is super excited?!



I read this book awhile ago but with the movie coming out I decided to go ahead and write a review of it incase you are debating on reading it too. Initially I was not going to read this book. I usually try to read books that make me feel happy and leave me feeling like everything is perfect in the world. However, sometimes after reading my tenth cheesy young adult book in a month I decide maybe it is time to stray and try something new. Well this book certainly had romance but it did not leave me feeling warm and happy. It left me thinking and kind of sad….. and I loved it.

This book is about growth and seeing beyond the little world you and your friends created. The main character dies at the very beginning of the story and the whole book is about her reliving the same day seven times. During those days she begins to learn new things and….. I am going to stop there before I give anything away. Just trust me when I say the book really focuses on the main characters growth  in those seven days.

So if you do decide to read Before I Fall do not be alarmed…. you will hate the main character in the beginning, you might hate the main character all throughout the book. I will not promise you that in any point of the story you will love (or even like) the main character.

This book will leave you thinking and maybe by the end you will feel a little sad or angry too. And that is why I have a love/hate relationship with this book. BECAUSE OF ALL THE EMOTIONS! Anyways, I highly suggest you read the book. It might seem dumb in the beginning but it gets better as the story goes on.

And if you did read it, please please please comment what you thought of it because I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!



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