The Ultimate Travel Book


Travel Book: Amazon Travel Notebooks: (Similar) Anthropologie

I stumbled across this book awhile ago and wrote it down so that I could get it for christmas. By the time christmas rolled around I completely forgot about the book and since opening it I have become obsessed with looking at it. The pictures are beautiful and there are travel tips in the book which is such a nice touch! I have a big interest in traveling and this book includes places I have never even heard of but now want to add to my list of places I want to go. The book also came with a map with some of the places they mentioned labeled, which just made me love the book even more! It is also the perfect book to keep in your bedroom or living room so that you can flip through it from time to time.

I also included a traveling notebook that I got from anthropologie. They are so cute and inside you can write anything you want about the places you have been. I could not find it online anymore but there is a very similar one on the website with a floral print.

I like finding books or notebooks that will add little touches to my room. What kind of notebooks or books are you interested in? If you know any  websites that have pretty notebooks or journals tell me down below!


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