Traveling in 2017

Happy New Year! Sorry I am just now saying that, but I hope everyone had a great day. I have decided to make another travel post of places I want to go because I had so much fun making the last one. So here are the places I want to travel to in 2017 (does not actually mean I will)unknown-1

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

While the weather may not always be sunny I think the old buildings and the view of the Edinburgh castle will make up for it. I am such a sucker for old buildings and places rich with history. I love hearing about old myths or tales that come along with these places. Edinburgh seems like the perfect place to just wonder around and look at the sites. The fact that J.K. Rowling supposedly wrote Harry Potter here makes it ten times betterarboles_que_merecen_un_viaje_317219947_1200x800

2. Redwood National Park, California 

This might make me seem like the biggest nerd but walking through the forest with massive trees all around you sounds incredible. Some of these trees have been around for hundreds of years! What really makes me want to go to the national park is the fact that you can drive or walk through trees.unknown-2

3. Salzburg, Austria

While researching different countries I wanted to visit I found Austria. I have never really thought about visiting Austria until I saw such pretty pictures of the country. Particularly Salzburg stood out and that was when I realized… this is where the sound of music was filmed. So now how could I not go visit Salzburg!unknown

4. St Lucia

I usually love cold weather but looking at these sunny pictures from the Caribbean is suddenly making me wish I was on the beach. I think warm weather is calling my name…. unknown-3

5. Arosa, Switzerland

This looks like the cutest little ski town. I know what I said about wanting warm weather… but since I have not been skiing in forever (don’t even know if I still know how!) this is sounding pretty appealing too. Plus, just look at the view of those mountains, amazing!



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