Summer Read 

Every summer I try to sit in the sun to tan and end up getting bored and restless really fast. I feel like I should be up and doing something but I also want to get tan. I started to bring a book to the beach to help pass the time and decided to share with you guys my favorite book I’ve read so far. 

When I first started We We’re Liars I did not expect much until all of a sudden it was hours later and I couldn’t put it down because I needed to know what was going to happen. For me it was one of those books where when I finish I put it down and start contemplating everything. I can tell a book is good when days after I finish I am still thinking about it. Now I am going to stop talking before I give anything away but if you read it or already have tell me what you think about it down below…. but do not give anything away! 


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