Bioré Scrub

For years I have been trying all kinds of face washes, creams, strips, basically anything I found in the drugstore to help my face look better. It is not only the acne that is the problem but I also have really red cheeks. I remember people wondering if I was wearing blush but I wasn’t, my cheeks were just red! When you put red cheeks and acne together it does not look the best. So during one of my drugstore visits I found the Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub. I was a little iffy if it would work but my face is actually looking so much better and a lot less red. I only use it every other day so it doesn’t dry out my face. Honestly, I wonder if just mixing baking soda you buy at the grocery store and water would work and be cheaper, but the baking soda scrub is working great so why change it?


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