Travel List 

I have always wanted to travel the world and in my mind I have created a list of places I want to go and see. I thought I would share some of these places with you guys and if you have places you want to travel comment the place down below.

1. Bora Bora

Ever since I first saw a picture of Bora Bora with the cute huts over the water I have been dying to go. Something about sleeping in the huts with the water below you scares me but also really excites me.

2. Lake Louise

This lake in Canada is in a national park. I love exploring nature and exploring the lake and the park would be so beautiful.

3. Oxford, England

I also want to go to Brighton, St. Ives, Bath, Cornwall…. basically all over England. I love the old architecture and the small towns. Now that I think about it I just want to go everywhere in the UK.

4. Cape Town

I really want to visit South Africa; just look at how beautiful this picture is!

5. Iceland

I want to go and see the geysers and the northern lights and the black sand beach… and just wander around the whole country.


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