May Book Review

Hello everyone! So I decided that once a month I will be uploading book reviews that I have read and liked. I love to read so feel free to comment down below what books you would like me to read in the future. So here are my May books…

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
Looking for Alaska by John Green

Girl Online

Any of you who watch Zoella on Youtube or read her blog know that she wrote a book. I decided to read it because I just loved the overall story. For those who do not know what the story is about.. It is about a girl named Penny who has a secret blog and her online name is Girl Online. Penny has anxiety and panic attacks and if you watch Zoella you know she does too. This book, I personally think, spoke well to teenagers and the struggles that some people go through with having anxiety. The book however is not only about her anxiety but also has a little bit of romance mixed in as well. I loved not only the story but the cover grabbed my attention. Especially the quote on the back. I do not want to give to much away for those who have not yet read it but I would like to say that this book was an overall inspiring book that I could not put down! I hope you decide to read this book too and comment down below how you liked it!  
quote from the back of the book

Looking for Alaska

John Green is the author of this story. He was the author of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns too. If you have never read a John Green book you would not know how clever his books are and how he words his books perfectly. Now if you do not know what Looking for Alaska is about here it goes… Looking for Alaska is a story with two parts. Half of the book is before the major incident and the other half is after the incident. The main character is a boy named Miles or “Pudge” who is a quirky character and is obsessed with last words. He decides to go to boarding school because he is looking for some big excitement in his life. From there starts a whirlwind of adventures that he goes on with his new friends Chip and the Alaska Young who “steals his heart”. This book shows you all the adventures that “Pudge” has and the ups and downs he goes through while attending his new boarding school. I loved this book because I did not always expect the surprises throughout the book. Now I am going to stop before I give too much away! Leave a comment down below how you liked this book!
I hope that you enjoyed this book review!
                                                                                                    Bye for now,

*All opinions are my own on these books*



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