Getting My Braces Off

Hello everyone! I thought today I would tell you guys about what it’s like getting braces and my personal experience.

So to begin let me just tell you that my teeth were bad… I mean REALLY bad. My front teeth grew in all weird and one overlapped the other creating a Nanny McPhee look. I had this look for a while before I got my braces on. They started the process towards the end of 7th grade. My orthodontist started with putting on spacers (I think that’s what they are called!) Pain is different for everyone but for me it HURT! After I had them on for a while they stopped hurting and I hardly noticed they were on anymore! The next step was to put the expander. Some people have these and some people don’t. It is basically a piece of metal at the roof of your mouth and for the first few weeks you have to use a key to expand it even more. Typically they are used to make your mouth wider so when the braces go on all the teeth will fit nicely. If I am being honest I did not enjoy this. Actually I remember freaking out because I thought I was choking. It took a couple days to adjust to it and eating with it in. After about 4 months with it they put on my braces. When they put the braces on it did not hurt. I remember them putting something in my mouth to keep it open. It only took about 20 minutes to finish the whole thing. For me it hurt the first 3 days. I remember eating a lot of soup and icecream (which isn’t a bad thing!) Withen the first few weeks I had already noticed a change! I had my braces on for almost two years. They took out my expander after I had my braces on for half a year. I think I was more excited for that than for getting my braces off!!! I would go to the orthodontist every month to get them tightened. After having them on for a while I hardly noticed I had them on. They made me wear rubber bands every day for a couple of months up until I got my braces off. When I got my braces off it only took about 10 minutes. The worst part was getting the glue off. That was only because of how loud it was and how long it took. After they were off my teeth felt huge! Right now I have to wear my retainer everyday. The retainer is not that bad and doesn’t hurt you at all. I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth and you can hardly tell it is their. My teeth are now straight and even though the braces process sometimes hurt I would do it all over again if I had to! I hope this helps people starting the braces process! If you have any questions leave a comment down below! 
                                                                                                   Bye for now,


One thought on “Getting My Braces Off

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